Welcome to Fat Head Photo!

Every day, you are making memories of your life, with your loved ones, at work, at play, everywhere you go. Fat Head Photo is here to help you capture those memories with affordable photography services and easy to access online print ordering.

About Me

Fat Head Photo is me, Wayne Smaridge. I have enjoyed photography since I was a young boy watching my parents and grandparents capturing the story of our family with Kodachrome and Polaroid.

Starting with my first camera at about 8 years old, I enjoyed film photography for years, including photography classes all through high school (Thank you B.Moore!). I then made the switch to digital photography about fifteen years ago. Since then, I have taken tens of thousands of digital photographs with a variety of cameras.

I started photo-blogging several years ago, publishing websites such as Dunedin Daily Photo. More recently, I have begun two new photo-blog websites: We Love Truck Pictures and We Love Dog Pictures. These websites provide an outlet for my passion for capturing the images of our lives, and a method of sharing a fraction of my images with others.

As more and more people were exposed to my photography, I began to understand something interesting. I seem to be pretty good at taking pictures. I am not a technical photographer at all. If we met at a party, it is highly unlikely that I would bore you with a rambling monologue about f-stops and white balance. Rather, I invested in a pretty good camera and excellent image editing software, both of which are smarter than I am, so I could enjoy using my camera to capture images of the world around me. That's what I do well.

What I have found is that there doesn't seem to be a simple, accessible way for you, my future client, to get some decent photos taken that are then easily ordered as prints. So Fat Head Photo is born.

My name is Wayne Smaridge, and I would love to capture your images!